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Debra Richeal

Office Manager and Senior Paralegal.

Debra is the firm’s Office Manager and Senior Paralegal. Since 1989, Debra has provided our firm with her expertise in personal injury litigation. Her dedication and integrity have been vital to the firm’s success. Debra works closely with our clients from the time they retain our firm until their cases resolve. She also works closely with the attorney through all phases of the litigation and guides our clients through the process. Debra also works closely with the insurance adjusters and opposing counsel, maintaining positive relationships which help to ensure successful outcomes.

Debra’s vast experience enables her to effectively manage each phase of your case. Her primary concern is the client, and Debra understands that our clients are very often spending most of their time recovering from their injuries therefore she makes sure that our clients are well informed as to every aspect of their legal claims. Additionally, Debra ensures that our clients’ medical, insurance and other legal documents are organized as this is vital to facilitating settlement or successful litigation. Hockfield Law and our clients are fortunate to have such a capable and caring professional in our office to serve you.

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